BigCommerce Let You Sell on Facebook

It would be quite accurate to say that Facebook is one of the most (if not the most) influential social network site in the Internet world.

Almost every Internet savvy person out there would find their day quite incomplete without checking their Facebook account. Wouldn’t it be such an advantage to use the influence of Facebook to boost your business and get your products known to more people?

Bigcommerce has seen the power of Facebook on people who can potentially be customers to your online store. So how do you use this great feature of Facebook to leverage your business in the Internet world?

Facebook allows you to create a community page (formerly known as fan page) which you can dedicate to your business.

From your Facebook profile you can add the community page of your business and the BigCommerce SocialShop page so your friends or people who know you on Facebook can learn about your business.

The more friends on Facebook you have, the more people out there who can find out about your business.

People love to talk about anything under the sun in Facebook, just imagine if you can create a buzz about your latest products in your Bigcommerce store and get people to talking and like your business community page.

Sincere and honest product feedbacks and reviews are the best possible kind of advertisement you can hope for. Whenever a new product on the market comes out, people don’t just rely on what the seller says about his product, but potential buyers always seek what those who have actually bought and used those products have to say.

Make the community page interactive and find innovative ways for people to relate to your products. You can give out special promos and discounts to people who visit and like your community page.

Remember whenever a Facebook account owner likeā„¢ a page, it shows in his profile and people who are his Facebook friends can automatically view it in his profile.

With BigCommerce’s user friendly features people who follow the link from your community page will find how easy it is to navigate around your BigCommerce online store.

Facebook allows for this like amazing feature on each of your product. Under each product featured in your Facebook social shop you will find a buy button and a like button. Get friends to talk about this great product so people within their connections (who may not be directly connected to you) can learn about your products.

With millions of people who log-in to Facebook, the chances of people learning about your BigCommerce online shop are limitless.

You can also create blogs or short posts about the product on your personal profile with an added link to the BigCommerce store so people who read stuff in your profile can get to know your products better.