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bigcommerceIf you’re on Twitter and interested in E-commerce, then you probably really need to read this post.

BigCommerce is a one-stop online shop for entrepreneurs and businesses that aim to setup their Internet presences.

The main service offered and provided by the company is assistance in putting up a professional online store.

Anyone could now own and operate an online shop without earning a degree or expertise in Web designing and coding. BigCommerce would take care of everything except your own personal outputs.

The company provides its customers with built-in marketing features and tools. Thus, BigCommerce users could easily and effectively bolster traffic into their own Websites.

The online stores could also be linked to different search engines, social networks, and online shopping sites like Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, Shopzilla, eBay, iPhones, and more.

The company has been operational since 2003. Right now, its offices are located in Austin, Texas and Sydney, Australia. BigCommerce has active customers across more than 65 countries globally.

The firm is working through its passion about e-commerce and its desire to be of help to online business owners.

BigCommerce on Twitter

Do you need to get in touch with BigCommerce? There are various ways to do so.

Check out its official Website at to find the telephone numbers designated for US-based and international customers. You could also email the company through

If you want to know more not just about BigCommerce but also about e-commerce as a whole, check out the company through various social networks.

At Facebook, search for the ‘BigCommerce’ profile. Through YouTube, search for the keyword ‘BigCommerceDotCom.’

As mentioned, BigCommerce is on Twitter, the popular micro-blogging social network site. Check out and follow its profile: bigcommerce.

The Twitter account would provide you with the latest information and blog entries not just about the company but also about the economy and e-commerce opportunities globally.

People to follow on Twitter

Aside from BigCommerce’s own Twitter account, you could also check out and follow most of the top officers and leaders of the company. From them, you could definitely hear more not just about BigCommerce.

You may also receive regular industry updates and even make inquiries about your online business plans and how the company could be of great help.

Here is a list of BigCommerce officers and leaders who are on Twitter. You may check out and follow their Twitter accounts once you sign in using your own Twitter account.

  • Eddie Machaalani – Founder & Co-CEO; Twitter account: Eddiemachaalani
  • Mitchell Harper – Founder & Co-CEO; Twitter account: mitchellharper
  • Jeffrey Gray – Marketing Director; Twitter account: JeffreyGray
  • Steve Donnelly – HR/Recruiting Manager; Twitter account: steevvo
  • Chris Iona – Product Development Manager; Twitter account: Chrisiona

You may also check out one of the support team members, Chris Boulton, Big Commerce Level III Support officer. His Twitter profile is ‘surfichris.’

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